That “Something” Fire

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What is your fire? Where does it come from? What makes your passion burn?

What’s your mission? Who do you fight for? What do you do afterwards?

I am here to serve, and I am here to live. I am here to show everyone it’s  okay to give a shit.

I know not everyone likes me, and I’m okay with that. People just don’t understand what I’m going at.

I feel my past judges my future, and present worries of the past, but nothing, and I say nothing, can make the concern last.

For I am strong and indestructible.

I am powerful and sincere.

I am the strength of my soul, and the solution to my fear.

I will stand up and I will conquer all of those around me; for I will love them and I will honor, the wonderful power of free will.

But listen to my words, listen to them inspire…

What are you without love? What is hope without a “something” fire?


Heart and Soul

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I’ve often been broken and torn apart,
Many people had a hold of my heart.
It had been broken, damaged, and shattered,
And the healing of time was all that mattered.
However, my heart was permanently harmed,
But I never thought to be alarmed.
When I met you, my heart made itself whole with the help of your soul.
They became one and only, bound together tightly.
If they were to ever part, we knew, there would be a price to pay.
If I lost you, I fear for the price I would pay.
I fear for the irreversible damage of my heart
And I fear for the loss of your soul.
I fear the loss of progress.
I fear it stopping and shattering and bringing me down.
If I lost you, I would be lost,
I would be broken and forgot.
If I lost you, I would be lost
In the battle that we once fought.
If I lost you, I would be lost,
Forever broken, stuck in thought.
Why would I be affected so?
My heart was melded into your soul.


Best of Pains

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I’m here to share with those you hate
I’m here to spread around the words
I’m here, though sometimes late
But I’m here, no matter what

I’m here, so count on me
I’m here to ruin everything
I’m here to punch you in the face
And I’m here with pain to bring

I’m here, with all the cost
I’m here, with nail and tooth
I’m here to yell at you,
Greetings, I’m the truth


The World Just Talks

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It’s kinda hard to think when all the world can do is talk.
All the sass it has makes me really wanna ask
“I know the world can talk but can it really walk the walk?”
Wars, and fights, and prejudice everywhere.
It doesn’t involve me, but I find I really care.
There are people suffering, starving, dying, while our fat ass government isn’t even trying.
“Why should it try?” You ask.
Do I really need to answer?
How would you like if your world was crumbling even faster?

Can’t think about what I want.
I had some dreams, but those are gone.
My idea of perfection, I tossed to the side,
and now I’m happy, or at least I try.
I ask myself if it’s possible to really make dreams come true,
but I guess I was scared that I couldn’t come through.
So now, here I am, living a blurry daydream.
Whatever happened to thinking I could come clean?


I Had A Dream Tonight

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I had a dream tonight.
I had a dream where
War was gone,
Hunger no more,
Peace was eternal,
Prejudice not there,
Misery didn’t come,
Happiness was present,
Acceptance in the air,
Judgement past us,
And it was great…

I had a dream tonight.
It was a wonderful dream,
A perfect dream,
A splendid dream,
But then it stopped…

I had a nightmare tonight.
A nightmare where
War was there,
Hunger everywhere,
Peace a delusion,
Prejudice common,
Misery loved company,
Happiness forgot to come,
Acceptance super rare,
Judgement all around us,
And sadly I was awake.

But maybe dreams come true.
Maybe it’ll happen…
Maybe if I start trying
To turn my dreams into action.


I Want To Stay

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I know that you’ve been…
A lot
I understand that you’ve…
I know that it’s hard
To keep going on
But you will make it through

Because everything is better
When we are together
We will fight our demons,
Side by side
Chase our dreams into the night
No matter what comes our way
Together we will stay

There is something I’ve been…
To say…
You should know that I am…
In love…
I know you have doubts
About who you are
But I have faith in you

I know we can do it if we really try
I know we can make it if we don’t cry
I know we can do it if we really try
I know we can make it if we don’t cry
Just don’t push me away
I want to stay
Don’t push away
I want to stay…


I’m Tired. I’m Exhausted. I’m Drained.

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I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m drained. I’m tired of thinking about the best for everyone. I’m tired of always putting myself in someone else’s shoes. I’m tired of caring how someone feels. I’m tired of being little “goody two-shoes” who always does the right thing and can be counted on when someone needs help. I’m tired of being everyone’s rock in life, trying to remain stable so they can hold on. I’m tired of being the sunshine in everyone’s day. I’m tired of consciously having to avoid doing certain things just because I know it would upset someone.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m drained. I’m tired of putting everyone else first. I’m tired of sacrificing myself for the benefit of others. I’m tired of trying to have a gentle hand to avoid a harming touch. I’m tired of searching my brain for gentle words when someone needs to understand. I’m tired of trying to be “the friendly one”.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m drained. I’m exhausted from doing so much. I’m drained from helping so many. It’s… Painful, but at the same time it’s numbing to see yourself change while other people stay the same. It hurts, it sucks… When you just don’t care as much. I’m tired of being nice… Now I just want to be happy.