Chemical Abuse

Untitled-2 - Copy

An overwhelming sense of adrenaline
Rushes through my veins.
A heightened sense of awareness,
Of my light-weight lens.

The world seems to slow down,
My heart seems to speed up.
Energy pulses within me,
And I can’t get enough.

High-fives go left and right,
Hugs go up and down,
I’ve missed you, lost friend,
This is your first time around.

Ease controls my body,
Nothing can alter this state.
The world is not as dark,
Though most cannot relate.

For the burst of life inside,
Is something all can use.
This happiness is a choice,
Not a chemical abuse.

I have become addicted.
I come to crave the feeling.
Let’s just say it’s drugs,
You’ll have an easier time believing.


Out The Window

Untitled-2 - Copy

Born in captivity
Hand-fed from birth
A man made nest
Far from the earth

Wings clipped when mature
Talons trimmed when long
When young, taught to sing
Another man made song

Space to stretch its wings
A cage of two feet
The world out the window
It craves to meet

Others pierce the air
Eat natural, different food
Struggle to survive
But express a good mood

Inspired to be the same
Jumping from its place
Flapping wings don’t help
And it lands on its face

Out the window it will stare
With a clear absence of rage
Out the window it wants
Though it’s okay in its cage