Growing Up is Hard

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Growing up is hard. I don’t mean the legal age mark or even the managing your own life part… I mean the realizing and separating yourself from your past and the people that shaped you. It’s hard. Don’t get me wrong, working and paying your bills is hard work, especially when paired with the irregularity of life… but that part feels worth the emotional freedom.

It’s the separation. It’s hard enough separating from caregivers, it’s even harder when you grow up. People grow up at so many different ages… most seem to grow up in their teenage years, recognizing responsibilities and realizing that no one can control what they do. It’s realizing that you do not have to be afraid to be yourself.

I didn’t grow up for a long time because growing up, I had a lot to lose. The risk was so big. So many people around me would tell me that I needed to stand up for myself and put my foot down, but really… now I recognize that it was just a specific way of saying I had to grow up. We all do at some point. Some people don’t, however. Growing up is hard and not all of us are okay with facing hard things. Sometimes, it’s just easier to accept what’s happening and move on…

Standing up against a current is difficult, of course, but if you stand long enough, you learn to change the flow of the water. Before you know it, with practice, you control the current. Or maybe you don’t feel its pressure anymore.




The One I Can Count On

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People go through life
Trusting one
And then another
Without realizing that
Everyone comes and goes.
Eventually, even your family
Will proceed to leave you
Or many at a time.
You might lose some to themselves;
Some others claimed by life;
A few will leave confused
And come back a different time.
These people that claim to love you,
They are no exception.
One day the day will come,
And they will leave you too.

Nothing is ever constant.
No one is always there.
But let me take a step back
I have something to share.
I lied that single time,
Just now when I said
That nothing is always constant
And no one is ever there.
Out of all the billions in the world
There is one who will be
Right there by your side
Through good and bad
Through hate and through love
Through sickness and health
Throughout all of your life.
The day you cannot count
On this individual,
Is the day that everything else
Will cease to be.

Who is this constant?
What is this constant?
The only constant is “me”


It’s Time To Grow

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Time to grow
Time to change
It’s time to show
What you’re made of

Let it go
Let it breathe
It’s time to let go
Of enemy seeds

Take the pain
Take the fear
Learn to gain
From your mistakes

Don’t be a fool
Don’t be blind
Use the tool
Inside your head

If something is bad
If someone’s no good
Don’t be sad
To let them go

It’s time to grow
It’s time to move on
Time to say “no”
And carry along