Chemical Abuse

Untitled-2 - Copy

An overwhelming sense of adrenaline
Rushes through my veins.
A heightened sense of awareness,
Of my light-weight lens.

The world seems to slow down,
My heart seems to speed up.
Energy pulses within me,
And I can’t get enough.

High-fives go left and right,
Hugs go up and down,
I’ve missed you, lost friend,
This is your first time around.

Ease controls my body,
Nothing can alter this state.
The world is not as dark,
Though most cannot relate.

For the burst of life inside,
Is something all can use.
This happiness is a choice,
Not a chemical abuse.

I have become addicted.
I come to crave the feeling.
Let’s just say it’s drugs,
You’ll have an easier time believing.


My Capital

Untitled-2 - Copy

When you grow used to something,
It soon feels natural.
It becomes expected and
It becomes normal.

Now you stare at your fingers,
Looking in between,
The spaces they have,
Are where theirs should be.

When you close your eyes,
You hear their laughter.
You hear their voice,
You know they matter.

Now you lay in bed,
Feel the ghost of their body.
Feel the cold of their absence,
Feel your heart throbbing.

When you go about your day,
They consume your mind.
They are in all you see.
They speak all the time.

In my world, you’ve become the capital.
We don’t have to touch for me to feel your soul.
I close my eyes, and there you are,
Next to me, no matter how far.