To Whom It May Concern

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To Whom It May Concern,

I was born with one certainty in life: I am going to make a positive difference in the world. I knew for as long as I can remember that my purpose was to help the world. Call it instinct, divine mission, or just my passion… but that is what I’m here for. Regardless of what you believe in, I know this is what I believe in almost more than I believe in myself.

See, I change. Every day, my opinions change and evolve, my thoughts run wild and crazy, perceptions get altered with more experience, but the certainty that I have to do something amazing is always there. It doesn’t matter what happens, who I meet, or who I become in the end… I will do whatever it takes to accomplish my soul’s deepest desire.

I am here for this and I will do this regardless of whoever or whatever gets in my way. I will write, I will sing, I will storm the world with everything I have to say in hopes that the ones that hear me will have a brighter day. I will fight for more than just myself, I will fight for everyone that needs a helping hand. We are not in this world alone. We do not live here alone by ourselves. We are surrounded by brothers and sisters, not biological, but spiritual, energetic. Is it wrong to care about your species? Is it wrong to care even more so about all the Earthlings we share this planet with? Caring should never be considered a wrong answer, and that is what I think.

Here I stand, sit, and lay down staring at the world around me, feeling my heart burn and pulse with the immense desire to help others, yet at this present moment, I need to build up my strength to do so. With great change and power, comes great responsibility. I am that strong, but I must be stronger. I must know more, I must learn more, so that I can have the necessary tools to reach a larger group of people around me.

For now, I start small. I change the lives of those I know while trying to build up my strength. My journey is a long one, but I am dedicated to it every part of the way. Nothing can stir me from my path. Nothing can make me shy away from my biggest goal. I expect many to try to stop me, mostly those who are scared of light or those who have skewed opinions of what I am trying to do, and for those, I apologize, because there is nothing you can do to break me.


A Person With A Mission




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There are so many things that happen every day. Lives come and go with each passing second all around the world. The people around me live lives just as complex and detailed as mine, yet some of them are just a background character in the back of my life, appearing only once as an extra who decided to be there where I was while I was there.

Every day, new thoughts emerge, new ideas are created. There is a new future in constant development, being affected by so many people you are completely unaware of. There are young teenagers putting together bands and practicing with their hearts on their sleeves, and some of them will become well known. There are people discovering their passions and goals in life; finally figuring out what makes them be the way they are.

Without much thought, it’s easy to forget that there are people suffering. There are hearts being broken every day, but there is also love being found all around the world. Some of them will last years, others will last days or months, and some will last until they die, but all of them are continuously occurring without our recognition. The world continues to spin on its axis regardless of our awareness.

All around the streets, cities, states, and countries, there are animals being born, stories being created in areas that we will never explore underground, in the sky, among the lakes and seas. Trees grow ever so slowly and every day it’s safe to assume that a large chunk of trees collapse and then begin to decompose so new things can grow. On the flip side, there are also seeds sprouting, saplings growing, plants fertilized…

Life is all around us, whether we are aware of it or not. Everyone, not just those around me, has a complex life and story of their own. Every face I see and every person and creature I pass has a unique story that only they are writing. Life is all around us.


We Are All Plants

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We are all plants on this planet called Earth,
We look at ourselves and wonder what we’re worth.
Do we have nice bark, flowers, or leaves?
Do we have what it takes to be pollinated by bees?

We look at each each and struggle to understand,
We are all just plants with a different water demand.
Some of us prefer the sun, others need the dark,
But on this planet Earth, all us plants leave a mark.

For some nurture the soil, while others nurture air.
We all do our best to pretend that life is fair.
We are scared, and we are fragile, terrified of pain.
We protect ourselves differently, but we protect ourselves the same.


The World Just Talks

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It’s kinda hard to think when all the world can do is talk.
All the sass it has makes me really wanna ask
“I know the world can talk but can it really walk the walk?”
Wars, and fights, and prejudice everywhere.
It doesn’t involve me, but I find I really care.
There are people suffering, starving, dying, while our fat ass government isn’t even trying.
“Why should it try?” You ask.
Do I really need to answer?
How would you like if your world was crumbling even faster?

Can’t think about what I want.
I had some dreams, but those are gone.
My idea of perfection, I tossed to the side,
and now I’m happy, or at least I try.
I ask myself if it’s possible to really make dreams come true,
but I guess I was scared that I couldn’t come through.
So now, here I am, living a blurry daydream.
Whatever happened to thinking I could come clean?


May It Always Be Christmas

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May it always be Christmas.
May there always be joy.
May we always give,
And may we all rejoice.

May there always be love.
May we all show compassion.
May we always be strong enough,
And healthy to take action.

May there always be food.
May we always show care.
May we all be grateful,
And think life is fair.

May it always be blessed.
May we always accept.
May we always be giving,
And never ever neglect.

May the children be cherished.
May the lover be loved.
May we always hold hands,
And sing to stars above.

May we always have a home.
May we share with those in need.
May we always be kind,
And forget about greed.

May it always be true.
May we always come together.
May we forget our differences,
And focus on the better.

May there always be peace.
May we all live like this.
May we always be good,
And may it always be Christmas.


Society of Lies

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Look at what the world will say
Look at what the world will hear
Look at what the world will see
Look at what the world will be
Take note of what the people say
Take note of what the people hear
Take note of what the people see
Take note of what the people will be
Realize the world is filled with lies
Realize the world is up to fight
Realize the world will hide it all
Realize the world will just smile