To Whom It May Concern

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To Whom It May Concern,

I was born with one certainty in life: I am going to make a positive difference in the world. I knew for as long as I can remember that my purpose was to help the world. Call it instinct, divine mission, or just my passion… but that is what I’m here for. Regardless of what you believe in, I know this is what I believe in almost more than I believe in myself.

See, I change. Every day, my opinions change and evolve, my thoughts run wild and crazy, perceptions get altered with more experience, but the certainty that I have to do something amazing is always there. It doesn’t matter what happens, who I meet, or who I become in the end… I will do whatever it takes to accomplish my soul’s deepest desire.

I am here for this and I will do this regardless of whoever or whatever gets in my way. I will write, I will sing, I will storm the world with everything I have to say in hopes that the ones that hear me will have a brighter day. I will fight for more than just myself, I will fight for everyone that needs a helping hand. We are not in this world alone. We do not live here alone by ourselves. We are surrounded by brothers and sisters, not biological, but spiritual, energetic. Is it wrong to care about your species? Is it wrong to care even more so about all the Earthlings we share this planet with? Caring should never be considered a wrong answer, and that is what I think.

Here I stand, sit, and lay down staring at the world around me, feeling my heart burn and pulse with the immense desire to help others, yet at this present moment, I need to build up my strength to do so. With great change and power, comes great responsibility. I am that strong, but I must be stronger. I must know more, I must learn more, so that I can have the necessary tools to reach a larger group of people around me.

For now, I start small. I change the lives of those I know while trying to build up my strength. My journey is a long one, but I am dedicated to it every part of the way. Nothing can stir me from my path. Nothing can make me shy away from my biggest goal. I expect many to try to stop me, mostly those who are scared of light or those who have skewed opinions of what I am trying to do, and for those, I apologize, because there is nothing you can do to break me.


A Person With A Mission



The Lone Wolf’s Dream

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There was once a lone wolf
Big, strong, and sturdy.
It was part of a pack,
But sometimes it was lonely.
Even with its friends,
The wolf was afraid
That it would be alone
If it went away.
The wolf wanted to be loved,
It wanted to feel needed,
But that is not how
A pack’s omega is treated.
It is bound to live its life
With its friends, on its own,
Even within a pack,
The lone wolf is alone.
It dreams of going away,
It longs to disappear,
But The Lone Wolf’s Dream
Is its biggest fear.
For if it pulled away,
If it left the pack,
The lone wolf would lose
Those who have its back.
So The Lone Wolf’s Dream
Is of things it cannot be,
Dreams to go away
And still be happy.

Buried in a Wishing Well

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There was a time that I feared being alone;
I feared the fact that I would be on my own.
One day I’d go away;
Lose my home,
Lose what’s “safe”,
Knowing that I’d have to part
With the place my life had to start.

I was told as a child that dreams come true.
Toss a coin into a wishing well was all I had to do.
So coin by coin, it seemed,
I tossed into the well,
What a child had dreamed.
If only I knew the cost
Of those dreams I lost.

I imagined that I would always have a piece of my home;
Carry it inside my heart no matter where my body would roam.
Those were dreams of a child,
That didn’t know the fact
That reality is often wild.
Now I wish that back then I had a way to tell,
My dreams would be Buried in a Wishing Well.

Today, I am afraid that I will never be alone;
Afraid that I will somehow not make it on my own.
One day, I’ll go away;
Find a new home,
Find my new “safe”,
But part of me will always be scared
My buried dreams won’t be repaired.